Venue information:

Flemington – Events Non Race Day (PRC)

July 10, 2017 4:51 pm

Address (View map)

The Grandstand
Flemington Victoria 3031


Chef/Cook – WHITE Chef Jacket, Black & White Small Check Pants, Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Shoes, Knife Kit, Timesheets

Kitchenhand – BLACK Polo Shirt/T-Shirt (no logos), BLACK Tailored Trousers, BLACK Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Boots, Timesheets

Waiter/Bar/Supervisor/Retail/Barista – WHITE Ironed Men’s Business shirt, BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed leather shoes, BLACK socks, BLACK Tie, Waiters Friend, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, and Timesheets

Catering Assistant – BLACK Polo Shirt/T-Shirt (no logos), BLACK Tailored Trousers, BLACK Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Shoes, Name Badge, Timesheets



MALE – Hair neatly trimmed, conservative style and off the collar. Clean shaven, beards and moustaches short & well-trimmed

FEMALE – Long hair styles must be tied back with a black accessories, ponytail, braid, or tight bun acceptable styles

Check-in location

Please Check with Hotelstaff Office (03 9650 1311) prior to your shift for the specific location of your engagement and who to report to.


If Advised of a Group Check In,  follow the details below.


The Hill Gate, Leonard Crescent

  • Look for agency representative
  • No Entry without Checking In
  • If you have taken the train to Flemington Racecourse Station, you will need to leave the venue to Check In 

Flemington Race days

Staff entrance

All Staff Required to Enter via The Hill Gate, Leonard Crescent
Then proceed to the specific location of your engagement.

Public transport


  • Catch the Number 57 Tram (Heading to West Maribyrnong) from Elizabeth Street, City. Allow 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the journey. (Plus 10-15 minutes walking time).
  • Hop off at stop number 33 (Car Epsom Rd & Union Rd) Head toward traffic lights, turn left into Lang’s Road; walk along the left hand side. Allow 10-15 minutes to walk to Leonard.
  • Turn left into Leonard Crescent. At the end of Leonard Crescent you will see a set of large black gates. This is the Hill Gate. The Hotelstaff team will be located on the LHS just inside the Hill Gate.

Flemington Race days Tram


  • There is a train the runs to Flemington (Showgrounds Station) however the 1st train may not arrive in time. Please carefully check the timetable this week.
  • There are different timetables for each of the race days.
  • When you get to the station you will need to call 9650 1311 if you have not been collected by the Hotelstaff representative.


To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner

Car parking

Parking restrictions apply & parking is VERY limited. The BEST way to get to Flemington via Public Transport is to take the TRAM.