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I’m Hospitality Talent, how do I work with you?

Email your resume and cover letter to casuals@hotelstaff.com.au and the relevant consultant will be in contact to discuss your application.

How do I contact Hotelstaff?

Talk to our talent partners, via

  • phone 03 9650 1311 – 06:00 – 20:00 Monday – Sunday.
  • email casuals@hotelstaff.com.au.
  • in person at our office 09.00 -16.00 Monday -Friday at Level 12, 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004.

If you need to contact us after hours the contact details are the same, please just leave clear details and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

What is shiftmatch and how do I use it?

ShiftMatch is Hotelstaff's rostering technology, where you coordinate your availability, accept offers of work and check your upcoming rosters.

If you need your username/password details, use the portals forgot password feature, refer to your welcome email or call Hotelstaff on 03 9650 1311.

Hotelstaff Terms of Business

Hotelstaff  Terms of Business

I am unsure of what shifts I have or where I am working, what do I do?
  1. Login to Shift Match to check your upcoming rosters, including up to date locations, and start times.
  2. Check the client details weblink, this will give you information about presentation standards, site access, inductions, parking, pay rates and special instructions.
    The weblink is included in your confirmation email and SMS.
  3. Call our talent partners team 03 9650 1311.
What do I do if I am running late or unable to make a shift?

Call our talent partners team 03 9650 1311.

  • Please advise us as soon as possible and well prior to the scheduled start time.
  • You will need to call and chat to our talent partners in cases where you need to cancel a shift so we can ensure both you and our customers will be ok.

You are unable to cancel via email or SMS.

Who do I talk to if I am injured at work?

If you have an incident or near miss at work,

  • please report the incident to your supervisor;
  • request first aid treatment and
  • make sure an incident report is completed by the site supervisor

Call Hotelstaff, regardless of time 03 9650 1311 to report the injury immediately after the incident.

Please also email casuals@hotelstaff.com.au

We will contact you and complete an incident report.

Read Here for more detailed information about the process

What do I do if a client asks me directly to work another shift?

Ask the supervisor/site manager to call the Hotelstaff team on 03 9650 1311. Also call the team yourself to let them know.

What do I do if I need more timesheets?
  1. Drop into the Office to collect some.
  2. Grab some at a Check In.
  3. Download and Print from here.
How and when do I get paid

Submit Via Email: payroll@hotelstaff.com.au

  • You need to submit a valid and authorised timesheet to ensure no delays with your payroll.
  • Please submit as soon as possible after your shift - final cut off is 3.00pm each Monday.
  • Your payroll is processed weekly for all your shifts worked in the previous week Monday to Sunday.
  • Pay Advice will be emailed Thursday afternoon with payments at bank on Friday.

For any payroll, tax or superannuation information please contact payroll@hotelstaff.com.au or call our talent partners on 03 9650 1311 and ask to speak to payroll.



03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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