Melbourne Showgrounds - Gate 5

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36 Langs Road
Ascot Vale Victoria 3032


F&B Attend / Bar Attend – WHITE Long-Sleeved Ironed Men’s Business shirt, BLACK tie, BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed polished leather shoes, BLACK socks, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, and Timesheets

Barista – BLACK Long-Sleeved Ironed Men’s Business shirt, BLACK tie, BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed polished leather shoes, BLACK socks, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, and Timesheets

Chef – WHITE Chef Jacket, Black & White Small Check Pants, Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Shoes, Knife Kit, Timesheets

Kitchenhand / Catering Assistant – BLACK Polo Shirt/T-Shirt (no logos), BLACK Tailored Trousers, BLACK Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Boots, Timesheets


MALE – Hair neatly trimmed & combed, conservative style and off the collar. Freshly clean shaven or beards and moustaches that are short & well-groomed

FEMALE – Long hair styles must be tied back with accessories MATCHING hair colour, IN A TIGHT OR TIDY BUN or DONUT (Short hair styles must be very tidy & off the face)

Jewellery & Accessories

  • Watches – Conservative styles allowed in silver, gold or black
  • Rings – Wedding rings sets or 2 rings per hand are acceptable, no bulky styles
  • Bracelets – Medical only
  • Necklaces – No visible necklaces
  • Piercings – No facial piercings or visible body piercings, females may wear one pair of hoop or stud style earrings, no larger than a five-cent piece
  • Tattoos – No visible tattoos
  • Make Up – Natural & neutral tones only, do not overuse
  • Perfume / Cologne – do not overuse
  • Nail polish – Nails clean, shirt & well-manicured, no nail polish allowed

Check-in location

If checking in with Hotelstaff – please wait at White Bull Statue, Front of Building RASV admin building

If not checking in with Hotelstaff – please enter building & wait in foyer at the bottom of the stairs near bathrooms, the client will come & collect you (or call Hotelstaff to inform of your arrival)

Staff Entrance

Gate 5, Melbourne Showgrounds, Langs Road, Ascot Vale VIC 3032 -

This is strictly the only entrance used to enter the facility, report to security then proceed to check in point (on the left-hand side) and call Hotelstaff on arrival for further instructions. Other entrances, like Gate 1 are only for patron entry into the facility.

Public Transport

FROM: Flinders Street Railway Station

GET ON: Train, Craigieburn, 14 min (6 stops)

GET OFF: Newmarket


WALK: About 1 min

TO: Newmarket Plaza/Racecourse Rd

GET ON: Tram 57, City to West Maribyrnong, 6 min (6 stops)

GET OFF: Burrowes St/Union Rd, Stop 34


WALK: About 9 min , 750 m,

TO: Gate 5, Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Showgrounds, Langs Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner

Car Parking


Onsite Parking

  • Not Available

Street Parking

  • available but limited, far away from venue and fees apply

Parking Garage (Fees Apply)

  • None Close

Please note you will not be able to leave shift to move parking location while on shift

Pay & Conditions

Pay and Conditions for this site are governed by the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 [MA000009]. Pay Rates for Casual Classification apply as a Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday rate. For details go to Click Here for Current Pay Rates

Meal Break Provisions

All team members must bring their own meals to be consumed during 30-minute, unpaid scheduled breaks if shift exceeds 6 hours

03 9650 1311
Suite 1, Level 14 / 390 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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