Mantra Southbank Melbourne (Saville Hotel Group)

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31 City Road
Southbank Victoria 3006


Chef/Cook – WHITE Chef Jacket, Black & White Small Check Pants, Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Shoes, Knife Kit, Timesheets
Kitchenhand – BLACK Polo Shirt/T-Shirt (no logos), BLACK Tailored Trousers, BLACK Apron, Skull Cap/Hat, Safety Boots, Timesheets
Waiter/Bar – WHITE Ironed Men’s Business shirt, BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed leather shoes, BLACK socks, BLACK Tie, Waiters Friend, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, and Timesheets


MALE – Hair neatly trimmed, conservative style and off the collar. Clean shaven, beards and moustaches short & well-trimmed
FEMALE – Long hair styles must be tied back with a black accessories, ponytail, braid, or tight bun acceptable styles


Check-in location

Further details to be advised if a group check-in is required

Staff Entrance

As directed when booked


Public Transport

From Flinders Street Station walk towards Southgate taking the pedestrian footbridge directly to the left as you exit the Station onto St Kilda Road (stairs leading down) otherwise the Western end of the platform.

This footbridge will bring you to the Langham Hotel. Walk past Langham Hotel to City Road then turn left unto City Road and Mantra Southbank is on the right of City Road.

Mantra Southbank Melbourne - Map

To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner


Car Parking

Various parking options (fees apply)


03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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