Hotelstaff Presentation, Uniform and Grooming Standards

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Suite 1, Level 14 390 St Kilda Road
MELBOURNE Victoria 3004


Employees in incorrect or with missing aspects of the uniform will be replaced, and are not guaranteed to work the day.



  • WHITE Ironed Men’s Business shirt
    • TO STANDARD - Long Sleeve, Pressed, Sleeves to be buttoned at the wrist and the neck
    • NOT TO STANDARD - No Pinstripes / Patterns / Blouses / Un-Pressed / Dark Shades of White / Coloured Stitching or Buttons / Tailored or Untuckable Styles / Missing Top Neck Button
  • BLACK tailored pants
    • TO STANDARD - Classic Cut, Should be long enough to cover the socks and skim the top of the footwear
    • NOT TO STANDARD - No Pinstripes / Hipsters / Leggings / Jeans / Cargo Pants / Flares. Not dragging on the ground
  • BLACK fully enclosed leather shoes
    • TO STANDARD - leather, safe (non slip), closed toe and ankle (Must cover whole foot) polished
    • NOT TO STANDARD - No Coloured Stitching / Trade Boots / Unpolished Shoes / No ballet/flat style shoes / No soft materials e.g.; canvas, cotton, velvet. Shoe Heels No Excessive Height
  • BLACK socks
  • BLACK Tie
    • NOT TO STANDARD - No Pinstripes / Patterns / Skinny Ties. Knot in correct place (not loose)
  • Name Badge
    • TO STANDARD – BLACK, Hotelstaff Issued
  • Waiters Friend
  • Note Pad & Pen
  • Padlock for Bag In Locker
  • Timesheets






  • WHITE Chef Jacket
  • Black & White Small Check Pants
  • Apron
  • Skull Cap/Hat
  • Safety Shoes
  • Knife Kit
  • Timesheets
  • Padlock for Bag In Locker


Kitchenhand / Catering Assistant

  • BLACK Polo Shirt/T-Shirt (no logos)
  • BLACK Tailored Trousers
  • BLACK Apron
  • Skull Cap/Hat
  • Safety Boots, (Non Slip Sole, Steel Caps preferred) (No runners)
  • Padlock for Bag In Locker
  • Timesheets

Check-in location

Staff Entrance

Public Transport

Car Parking

If choosing to drive, plan your journey. Always allow sufficient time to source parking and arrive at your location of work 30 minutes before start time. It is not to standard for employees to have to leave an engagement in order to move or adjust parking.


Employees not adhering to the Grooming Standards will be replaced, and are not guaranteed to work the day.


All #teamhotelstaff team members

  • No visible tattoos
  • Only white or skin tone undergarments to be worn under white shirt (no black or coloured)
  • Avoid strong colognes or perfumes
  • No visible piercings other than small studs for females (one only in each ear)
  • Minimise jewelry (watch and wedding ring only)
  • Basic make up only (neutral colours)
  • Clean neat fingernails, must not be too long or have nail polish or lacquer
  • Ensure personal hygiene standards are maintained (avoid bad breath and body odour)


Male Employees

  • Hair must be neatly trimmed, with a conservative style and off the collar
  • Cleanly Shaven (no stubble or shadow). Beards and moustaches must be sort & well trimmed


Female Employees

  • Long hair must be tied back with accessories MATCHING hair colour, IN A TIGHT OR TIDY BUN or DONUT (Short hair styles must be very tidy & off the face)
  • Shoes must be flat and fully enclosed no ballet flats or open toed shoes


Things to remember

  • Please ensure your always have your full uniform and that it is clean and well ironed
  • If you need to travel a long distance it may be best to bring your shirt on a hanger
  • Remember to bring a timesheet and wear your name badge

03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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