Formula 1 GP (Spotless)

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Gate 1, Canterbury Road
Albert Park Victoria 3206


Retail – WHITE Ironed Men’s Business shirt, BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed leather shoes, BLACK socks, BLACK Tie, Waiters Friend, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, and Timesheets



MALE – Hair neatly trimmed, conservative style and off the collar. Clean shaven, beards and moustaches short & well-trimmed

FEMALE – Long hair styles must be tied back with a black accessories, ponytail, braid, or tight bun acceptable styles

Check-in location

STRICTLY 45 mins BEFORE Shift Start Time

Will Be Required For All Days

–              Reporting for this time is critical for you to reach your area of work on time

–              Late Arrivals may be replaced with another team member

Location: Major Events Uniform Room

–              After Entering Gate 1, Proceed Right to the Site Office

–              Report to the Hotelstaff Representative

Peter Rowland - GP Formula 1

Staff Entrance

Major Events Site Office

Gate 1, Canterbury Road

Albert Park Victoria

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Public Transport

From Southern Cross train station (Corner Spencer Street and Collins Street), you catch the Grand Prix Light Rail marked for Gate 1.  Get off at the Middle Park stop.  The light rail is only marked with ‘Gate 1’ for the duration of the GP.  The tram route is formally the number 96 tram.

The light rail is a free service to all public, however if catching a train or another tram prior, you will require a valid Myki.

The light rail is operational only for the four days of the event.

For further enquiries, contact Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on 1800 800 007.

To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner

Car Parking

There is no parking close to the circuit.

It is recommended that you park in one of the car spaces in the city (you will need to pay) and then catch the Light Rail as above directly to Gate 1.

Site Induction (Onsite)

This will be completed onsite, at your first Check In.


You will be supplied with a credential when you Check In Each Day.

  1. Please ensure that you do not lose your credentials as you will not be able to gain access to the track without it.
  2. Please ensure that you carry photo identification with you at all times (i.e. your driver’s license etc.)

Payroll / Timesheets

Hotelstaff Team Members MUST:

  1. Check In on Arrival
  2. Hotelstaff Timesheet Authorised by their Supervisor Daily
  3. Also sign the Peter Rowland (Major Event) Timesheet in their Outlet
  4. SUBMIT the previous day’s timesheet to Hotelstaff Representative at next Check IN
03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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