Flemington Racecourse Kitchen

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Flemington The Event Centre
Flemington Victoria 3031



Uniforms must be clean and well-fitted. Undergarments should match the colour of the outergarments.

Chef - WHITE long sleeved chef jacket, BLACK & WHITE small check or plain black pants, apron, skull cap / hat, non-slip safety shoes, sharpened knife kit, Hotelstaff timesheets.

Personal Grooming

Pay attention to personal grooming habits. Ensure you maintain high levels of both grooming and hygiene.

HAIR STYLE - Keep hair neat & tidy. Long hair styles must be tied back with a matching accessories.

FACIAL HAIR - Faces must be clean shaven (no stubble). Beards and moustaches short & well-trimmed.

NAILS - To be clean, short and well manicured, no polish or false nails

MAKE-UP - Minimise make up and ensure neutral colours.

HYGIENE - Regular showering, brushing your teeth and using deodorant. Minimise strong scents.

JEWELERY - Wear minimal jewellery. Remove facial piercings and multiple ear piercings. Stud style earrings are acceptable. Watches & wedding bands are okay.

TATTOOS - No visible tattoos

Check-in location

Hotelstaff will advise prior to your shift if a check in required.

If not, once you have changed, report directly to the Main Kitchen accessed via Loading Dock 1, in the main grandstand.

On major race days and events passes and check-ins are required.

Staff Entrance

The Main Kitchen 

'The Grandstand' Flemington

Map: Click Here For Map

  1. Enter via The Hill Gate, Leonard Crescent.
  2. Enter Turnstiles, proceed straight ahead toward Hill Stand.
  3. Enter Hillstand - head to Level 2 to change & store belongings
  4. Exit Hillstand, turn right, proceed towards ‘The Grandstand’
  5. Just after the stairs descending under 'The Grandstand' on the RHS is Loading Docks 1 & 2.
  6. Enter Loading Dock 1, turn right and proceed through double doors to kitchen.
  7. Report to Sous Chef

The staff changing area and storage lockers are located is on Level 2 of the Hill Stand - far left corner area.

Please change and store your belongings prior to checking in at the Main Kitchen.

You will need to bring a padlock for the locker.




Public Transport

To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner

  • Please note: access and transport is different on non-race days vs race days and also during major events.
  • On non-race days more entrances are open, you have increased parking options.
  • On race days and major events parking is restricted and access passes may be required.


  • Number 57 Tram from Elizabeth Street (twds West Maribyrnong).
  • Allow 30 to 45 minutes for the tram journey. Plus 10-15 minutes walking time to the race-day entry on Leonard Crescent.
  • Race days - Stop # 33 (cnr Epsom Rd & Union Rd).
  • Cross Epsom Rd. Walk up Langs Rd, turn left into Leonard Crescent.
  • At the end of Leonard Crescent you will see a set of large black gates. This is the Hill Gate.
  • Non-race days - Stop #30 - main entrance - walk down Flemington Drive twds the Grandstand.


  • There is a train the runs to Flemington (Showgrounds Station) however this train does not run except on major race days and major events.
  • There are different timetables for each of major race days. The 1st train may not arrive in time for your shift start. Carefully check the timetables.
  • Race days, when you get to the station you will need to call 9650 1311 if you do not have a pass or have not been collected by the Hotelstaff representative.


Car Parking

Onsite Parking Non-race days

  • VIP Carpark (Bitumen) via Leonard Crescent







Onsite Parking Race Days

  • VU Carpark (Grass) via Leonard Crescent

Online Induction

Please ensure you complete the Online induction to work at Flemington.

Click here to register for a PIN and begin the induction.

Also make sure you request Site Induction from supervisor on arrival.

03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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