Crown Conferencing and Events

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8 Whiteman Street (Staff entry Haig St)
Southbank Victoria 3006


Provided By You, Employee

Waiter/Bar – BLACK tailored pants, BLACK fully enclosed leather shoes, BLACK socks, BLACK Tie, Waiters Friend, Name Badge, Note Pad & Pen, Padlock


Collect Items From Crown Wardrobe

Day Uniform (shifts up until 15.59 start) - BLACK bib apron, BLACK pants, WHITE shirt

Night Uniform (shifts from 16.00 start) - BLACK waist apron, BLACK tie WHITE shirt, BLACK pants, BLACK vest


Grooming Expectations

  • Apply deodorant, avoid strong Avoid strong colognes or perfumes
  • Ensure personal hygiene standards are maintained (avoid bad breath and body odour)
  • No visible tattoos
  • Clean neat fingernails, must not be too long and NO nail polish or lacquer
  • No visible piercings, including earrings
  • Basic make up only (neutral colours)
  • Only white or skin tone undergarments to be worn under white shirt (no black or coloured)
  • Maintain Open Body Language at all times
  • Maintain dental hygiene
  • Minimise jewellery (watch and wedding ring only)


Female Employees

  • Short hair styles must be very tidy & off the face
  • Long hair must be tied back with accessories MATCHING hair colour, IN A TIGHT OR TIDY BUN or DONUT
  • Shoes must be flat and fully enclosed no ballet flats or open toed shoes

Male Employees 

  • Hair must be neatly trimmed, with a conservative style and off the collar
  • Side burns no lower than a horizontal line drawn across the bottom of your ear lobe
  • Must shave daily immediately before commencing shift
  • Cleanly Shaven, no exceptions (no stubble or shadow)
  • Beards and moustaches must be sort & well trimmed

Check-in location

If Group Check In Advised, please meet with a Hotelstaff team member at Wardrobe Department

If attending Initial Induction, Group Check in will be outside Wardrobe

Haig Street Location

Staff Entrance


  1. YOU MUST allow time at least 45 mins prior to start of shift to get changed into uniform supplied and transit to outlet
  2. Report to Wardrobe for all shifts
  3. Advise Wardrobe staff of your work location & T-Number
  4. All uniform items need to be returned to wardrobe at the end of every shift or the cost will be deducted from your next pay

All staff MUST have the below for SECURITY/STAFF ENTRY:
– T Number (induction number)
– Valid ID, this is either an Australian Drivers Licence or Passport (No Overseas Licences or Student cards will be accepted)

Enter via Staff entry on Haig Street, check in with security then head upstairs to Wardrobe for Uniform before heading to your outlet

Crown Staff Entry from Clarendon St Map

Crown Staff Entry Signage Crown Staff Entry


Public Transport


From Spencer Street catch the number 96,109 or 112 tram to Whiteman street tram stop. Walk along Clarendon St and past Whiteman Street until you get the Crown Metropol (big Black building on the corner) which is on the corner of Clarendon & Haig Streets. Turn left into Haig Street continue walking toward the car park entrance. You’ll pass Crown College and then just before you walk to the car park boom gates, turn left and you will see Crown Staff Entry.

Crown Staff entry Map

To plan your journey click: PTV Journey Planner

Car Parking

Onsite Parking

  • available via Haig Street fees apply

Street Parking

  • available around surrounding streets, time limits and fees may apply

Please note you will not be able to leave shift to move parking location while on shift

Prior to First Shift

Online Induction Required

Go To:

Actions: Follow Prompts or Call Hotelstaff or Click the above link for detailed instructions

Once Complete Print / Screenshot 2 copies of the final page that states “Congratulations you have completed Contractor Induction”, and email to


Police Check Required

Obtain a Police Check Through Australia Post

  1. Online, Go To:
  2. Follow the online instructions, verify and upload ID copies, and make payment ($49.90)
  3. Once returned to you via email, forward a to
  4. Hotelstaff will update your records with Crown


Department Orientation Required

To be eligible to work at Crown Conferencing and Events, Hotelstaff employees are required to attend a mandatory Orientation Session with the Conference and Events Department.

Orientation Sessions (3-4 Hours) covers Crown specific:

  • Hospitality Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sequences of Service
  • Grooming & Presentation Standards
  • Area Orientations

Orientation Sessions are unpaid

Pay & Conditions

Pay and Conditions for this site as governed by the Crown Melbourne Limited Enterprise Agreement 2016. For details go to

Meal Break Provisions

All Staff Must Bring their own meals to be consumed during scheduled breaks

03 9650 1311
Level 12 / 412 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
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