What people are saying…

February 29, 2016 9:33 am

what people are saying

Dear Michelle,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me late last year and share some advice and guidance if was truly helpful and made me think a lot more outside the box. After some nice time off combined with some travel, I went back started networking and engaged again the offer in Hong Kong as they had not really put the offer down on paper which meant heading back up to sit down with them and negotiate a deal with them including share options. We managed to finalise a deal a couple of weeks ago and I will commence with then next month as President & COO for Butchers Club International, it was a long drawn out deal as I had needed them to ensure financing for the growth of the business was in place before I would commence. Personally I feel that this will expand my experience in Asia, outside of Hard Rock, by taking a small business and establishing its growth, that will allow me to return back to Australia and use these skills to do something for myself in the future.

Michelle 19 years ago I first met you and the team at HotelStaff and you had the courage to put me forward for a position at the Hard Rock in Melbourne, that on paper I did not really look like a good fit and was over qualified for. The belief in me that you showed in my ability to adapt, allowed me to lead an extraordinary career with Hard Rock Café Australia and Hard Rock International that lasted 19 year taking me from Operations Manager in Melbourne through to a VP of Asia Pacific for Hard Rock International. The position allowed me to meet some extraordinary people, travel to many different and unusual countries, meet my wife and serve on the board at Restaurant Catering as Vice President in Victoria and a representative on the board for Australia. As I start my new career I want to thank you for having the belief and courage in me at that time, and your advice over the years that shows why your agency continues to grow with loyal clients.

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Once gain thank you again for always been there over the last few years to offer advice and encouragement.