What is The Sauce?

‘The Sauce’ is the source for casual hospitality staff… 

Hotelstaff is excited to launch The Sauce, an innovative rostering technology configured specifically for our casual hospitality staff and our clients.

For our casual staff: 

The ability to log your availability, accept shifts, view upcoming rosters on your mobile device or tablet at anytime.


For our clients: 

The Sauce offers complete transparency around all bookings accessible from any mobile or tablet anywhere in the world with a system that fills over 80% of all shifts in less than 9 minutes.

The peace of mind in knowing that requirements are filled against criteria determined by you with staff that have been thoroughly screened and assessed by our reputable recruitment team.

Innovative new business models and pricing structures made possible through the use of revolutionary cloud based rostering technology.

If you want to know more about how The Sauce works and can assist you with your casual staffing needs please call Nathan on (03) 9650 1311 or email: nathan@hotelstaff.com.au

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