Michelle Kleiman

May 28, 2015 11:26 am

As the Founder/Executive Director of Hotelstaff my most important duty is acting as the brand ambassador; ensuring that our values and commitment to service remain as true today as they did when I first started this business nearly three decades ago.

Prior to Hotelstaff, I lived and worked in South Africa. My professional endeavours achieved great heights, firstly as the HRM for the five star President Hotel, (part of the Trusthouse Forte Hotel Group) and then as the HRM for the Holiday Inn Group in Johannesburg.

It was here that I discovered my love for the hospitality industry and the people that worked within it which in turn motivated me to join and later run South Africa’s largest hospitality recruiter.

When my family moved to Australia it made sense to combine my two great passions into a business that I knew I could nurture and love as if it were my third child and from this passion Hotelstaff was born.

Over the years I have been very proud of the achievements of Hotelstaff. I have been extremely fortunate in the great friendships that I have formed and for the people I have met. More than anything else, I have been humbled at the number of professionals that have returned time and time again when they have needed assistance with their career.

Hotelstaff exists to service the industry that I love.

My name is Michelle and I am at your service…