On the flipside!

March 6, 2015 2:01 pm

Waiter hand

Terri is an active Hotelstaff casual working in the field. She has made the transistion to our office and these are her thoughts!

To any good waiter there are certain things that we all know to be true about our job; we have an affinity for pens, in fact if you ask for one we’ll present you with ten; we have multiple uniform of the same colour in rotation after at least one person drops food on us each shift; and we have an impeccable memory because all hell will break loose if we forget to make sure your salad dressing is on the side.

So when the Hotelstaff office woke me up early on a Wednesday morning I expected to be put on a shift that would ensure one of these truths became a reality. What I got was an invitation to join the tight-knit group that slaves behind the scenes to make sure we all can work when we want, join in at major events, look smart for corporate clients, and get paid award wages each week. In fact we’d be lost without them. Imagine having to find your way through the labyrinth of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Who would show you the way in an unfamiliar place when you’re from another country or city where the phrase ‘tram’ is a foreign concept? It seemed like a far cry from my daily restaurant shift but I soon realised that working in the office used the same skills; an impeccable memory to complete three tasks thrown at you at once, an affinity for highlighters to triple check that the right rosters are being sent each week, and an ability to listen and learn quickly to adapt to a new workplace.

As in any shift we do for Hotelstaff you must quickly learn new table numbers, new meals, and new names; what I promptly realised from working in this new team is this: laugh at everyone’s jokes (it’ll make them feel better) and answer your damn phone!!

Terri Kerr