Major events our top 10 TIPS and tricks of the trade!

March 16, 2017 10:37 am

staff GP

With Melbourne events revving up for Autumn and Hotelstaff providing a large number of staff at the Formula 1 Grand Prix we like to provide imperative advice to our staff.

Here are our tips –  most of them are obvious, but a gentle reminder never hurt!!!

  1. Drink lots of water – stay hydrated! A very obvious one, but probably the most important.
  2. Be on time – give yourself extra time in the morning so you are not panicking and you have time to prepare and meet with the appropriate people when you arrive.
  3. Dress appropriately and according to protocol. Simple. If you are not dressed correctly, you won’t work.
  4. Exercise – do what you like. A quick run, walk, yoga or some weights will keep the blood pumping and keep you energised.
  5. Rest up between shifts, yes, it is all very well to go out and go crazy after a long day, but this will certainly affect your performance and mental health for days to come.
  6. Avoid energy drinks – what goes up, must come down!
  7. SMILE – it makes such a difference.
  8. Stay organised. For many of us working during this wonderful, but crazy time in Melbourne it is easy for things to get on top of you. Make sure you are organised at home and tell your friends and family you are working some crazy hours.
  9. Stretch – take time when it is not super busy or on your break to stretch your limbs.
  10. Enjoy yourself… have fun doing what you are doing. The buzz of working at major events in Melbourne is great and use it to your privilege. You will be gaining further experience, meeting new people and satisfying work goals!