Hotelstaff is the answer!

August 11, 2016 11:48 am

Hotelstaff answer declineSo you want to be busy ALL year round? One of the benefits of agency work is that hours are not as restricted as working in one venue. On the flip side, nothing is guaranteed! So, here are some ideas to help YOU stand out at the venues Hotelstaff send you to….

We all dread that early morning phone call – yes, ALL of us!

However, many of these phone calls come from regular clients who not only provide us with consistent work, but also trust us to deliver our best staff every time! Whilst no one expects that you are always available by answering the call it is likely that you will attend one of these as a regular sooner or later.

At Hotelstaff we love reliability… and so do our clients!

Every time you accept a shift, make sure you know where you are going and what you need to take. We send you a handy link through The Sauce that includes shift confirmations, outlines the address of the site and info on how to get there as well as access and uniform requirements. If at any time you are unsure call us – we will answer!

It may be a stretch… but carrying your full uniform when possible, means that when last minute work comes up you are prepared and available.

Communication is key not only between yourself and the office but also with your supervisor when you are on-site. If there is something you don’t understand or if something is unclear, it is always best to clarify the instructions before continuing. Your feedback is important too – if there is something that you think we should know about a particular client or role that will help us then we want to hear from you!

And finally and really the most important factor –  do your best every time you step out to work. The great variety of work that Hotelstaff offers allows for more opportunity to enjoy your work and your lifestyle.  After all, casual hospo work allows for great work/life balance and a whole lot of fun!