Bite me….

July 10, 2015 3:11 pm


Everywhere I look I see a hamburger. Not just an ordinary hamburger, gourmet burgers, gluten free buns, sweet brioche buns, mini buns, wholemeal buns and who can resist the low carb super bun!

Everyone loves a bun… that goes without saying. Now we have meats to match, gluten free, grain fed, organic and to make this even better, a special sauce that goes into the burger and these sauces are more often than not homemade and ‘special’. Today, on social media, I even saw a ‘bread free brekkie burger! Burgers have come a long way. I recently had a pork belly burger. It was outstanding to say the least, it did spill all over me and drip down my sleeves (the special homemade spicy sauce that is) but I was too engrossed to notice until I had finished. That’s what you want in a burger.

Have you ever eaten a burger in the car? Whilst driving? I desperately tried to last week, to my dismay this time, the not so homemade, not so special sauce dripped straight onto my new jeans, and alas I now have an oil stain mid-thigh. Lesson learnt!

Take a walk through Melbourne one day and see how many burger joints you can spot, or perhaps how many burger trucks you can chase down the street, tongue hanging out, only to miss the truck for the day and have to get onto the “Where the Truck At’’ app and find your next truck and this time, be punctual and join the queue.

Burgers are everywhere. They have taken over the food world! There is a burger to suit everyone, vegetarian, vegans, kids, carnivores, the gluten intolerant, the wagyu lover, the lactose intolerant, the health nut, the white meat eater, the “I only eat fish” friend. I am not complaining, I have never met a person who does not like a good burger and hope I never will.

Hamburgers have always been a popular choice around the world. They are delicious, flavoursome, easy to eat (most of the time) and we can see the nutrition oozing out of the burger. It has all the food groups in a few bites for a good price (usually!). When you see a photo of a good burger, you see the cheese, the lettuce, the tomato, often some pineapple and beetroot, sometimes bacon! And now slaw. ( I must say I am partial to slaw in my pork belly burger). The colours alone are enticing and slap it in between some sort of specialty bun and there you have it!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you choose. You certainly have a huge choice.