A holiday review…

April 30, 2015 2:48 pm

Rickys Noosa
A holiday review…..

We recently visited Noosa for a week as a family. We had such a wonderful time and experienced Noosa in a different light than we usually have. This time we took a 3 and a 4 year old!

My husband and I are foodies. We love food, we love all kinds of food and when on holidays, any notion of being healthy or trying to ‘slim’ down goes out the window the minute we enter the doors of the airport (prior to departure!)

We have instilled this ‘foodie’ obsession into our kids. We want them to try new things, eat well and understand the culture of hospitality and possibly even being able to sit down and consume their entire meal rather than borking at it, throwing it, spilling it, screaming that it is too hot, or boring!

You go through stages taking your kids out to dinner to even to a friend’s house for the infamous ‘kids dinner’. We did this for a while and then stopped! When on holidays, everything is supposed to be easier, you have time. You want to visit certain places and have genuine experiences.  

Noosa is fabulous. The weather is great, the people are friendly, the restaurants and cafes are second to none – not just the food, but the views, the vibe and al fresco way of dining is conjusive to a summer holiday!

When we arrived, we met our clan at Ricky’s. The park opposite the outdoor eating area is perfect. The kids play there while we eat crumbed olives, zucchini flowers and scallops and bacon all whilst sipping on our first champagne for our week of relaxation and decadence. We stay a while and then head to the beach.

A day in and we are back at Ricky’s to the woodfire grill for a ‘kids dinner’. The table is set for the kids beautifully – their colouring pens and colouring pads and their menus. The food is delectable. Who doesn’t like lamb shoulder with greens on the side. When with the kids, you eat early, so you can eat richer food and more of it (can’t you?). We did! The kids loved it and ate everything off their plates to the point they received their obligatory ice cream.

The next day we hit Hastings Street and visit the new and very highly recommended Betty’s Burgers. WOW! What a cool place. You have to wait in line, but it is worth it. It is buzzing, pumping – some would say. The music is loud and cool and you order upon entering, take your seat and within minutes your burger is awaiting. Perfect for kids and adults! A real winner.

After roasts, burgers, chips and crumbs on everything, we stroll back to Hastings Street the next morning and attempt to undo our first few days – straight to Boost Juice for breakfast. No food, a juice only – kids cups are a good coo and healthy smoothies to fill them up works a treat. Hubby and I opt for green with a vitamin hit! All of a sudden we feel great and ready to go again!

Back to Ricky’s for a long lunch (adults only!) The food is delightful, reliable and the cocktails do their job! The rest is history.

On our last night in Noosa after a siesta we hop on the ferry and back into Hastings Street. We visit the old reliable Café Le Monde. This is a perfect place for kids and adults, great value. I got a free bottle of wine with my meal that I was allowed to take home with me!!! Needless to say, I was happy.
The kids meals were healthy and delicious and had a bit of variety to them.
Hubby and I were completely satisfied with our slow roasted pork shoulder with crackling to boot!

Noosa, a foodie heaven for both kids and adults!

Tell us about your favourite holiday eateries….. You can email me on joey@hotelstaff.com.au